When market prices tend to go lower, the market is said to be bearish. Someone who expects prices to trend lower is "bearish." The CENTER ONLINE Futures Glossary
Words used to describe investor attitude. A bearish investor believes that a particular asset or the market as a whole will decline in value. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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bearish bear‧ish [ˈbeərɪʆ ǁ ˈber-] adjective FINANCE
expecting prices on a financial market to fall or economic activity to slow down:

• Trading was bearish after pessimistic weekend news.

• Today's report on declining auto sales will provide bearish news for the market.

• Losses in New York added to the bearish mood.

bearish on

• He is still bearish on aluminum stocks.

— compare bullish

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   Holding a belief that prices will fall. A bearish sentiment in the market will therefore push prices lower. The opposite of bullish.
   ► See also Bullish.

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bearish UK US /ˈbeərɪʃ/ US  /ˈberɪʃ/ adjective FINANCE, STOCK MARKET
expecting prices on a financial market to go down: bearish comments/news/predictions »

Technology stocks had another bad day after yet more bearish news from America.

bearish analysts/brokers/investors »

Some of the buying came from previously bearish investors.

remain/turn bearish on sth »

They remain bearish on financial stocks because of the state of the economy.

expecting that something will not be successful: bearish about sth »

Analysts were bearish about the merger's prospects in the light of the news.

bearish on sth »

A rash of new data has stoked debate over whether overseas investors are growing dangerously bearish on the U.S. economy.

Compare BULLISH(Cf. ↑bullish)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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